Eden Oak
Capture the essence of country living , Eden Oak conveys a piece of past refinement to create a stunningly grand design. All the rustic design cues you could wish for are here, with natural characteristics adding to the irresistible charm of this solid oak door
Make abbey the heart of your home and you're celebrating the best of both worlds – traditional styling cues with a dash of modernity. Cream has been a classic kitchen colour for many, many years and a classic , by definition, never goes out of style. So 5, 10 and even 15 years down the line, you'll still be sure you made the right choice.
Croft Oak
Is your kitchen for looking at or living in? Croft Oak achieves both and has extra appeal on the lived-in side: subtle distressing and a touch of antiquing that give it a well-loved air. And who wouldn't love the mellow, rustic tones and a style that's so simple it offers all the essential ingredients of a warm and welcoming kitchen.